Sand Sculpting Marketing

Sand Sculptures for use in outdoor marketing campaigns. All the WOW your business will ever need.

Sand Sculpting Marketing

About the project

Your driving down route 28 on a hot August Afternoon in West Dennis and suddenly from the back seat, your child shouts with excitement."look at that, Daddy! Can we stop and look?" As you pull into this familiar retail establishment, know to all as Cuffy's of Cape Cod, you get your first glimpse of the cause of your child's excitement. It's the annual 20 ton sand sculpture created by Fitzysnowman Studios. As you exit your vehicle and approach the massive sand sculpture, you and your family are simply amazed at the amount of detail. You spend some time walking around the sculpture and even pose for a few selfies with the kids, after all, this is a great unexpected memory you will definitely want to share with your friends.

Before you get back in your car, you decide to check out what's inside Cuffy's. A short time later, you exit the store with bags in hand of quality t-shirts, hoodies and other items. You may have even spent more time inside the store that you had initially planned because inside the store are even more sand sculptures. You are just as curious as your children and spend some time watching a video that shows the process of building these amazing sculptures inside the store. At the end of the day you reflect on a great experience that was spontaneous, unique and just plain fun. We have just two words to say about this experience which is repeated hundreds of times each day. Mission Accomplished! If you want to learn how you can use this unique marketing tool to attract more summer business traffic to your neck of the woods, click the link below.

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