Ice Sculpting

Live Professional Ice Sculpting Performances Nationwide.

Live Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is something you would expect to see in states with colder climates. Did you know that it's possible to carve ice even when its 50, 60 70 or even 80 degrees or more?

Sean Fitzpatrick, owner at Fitzysnowman Studios, travels across the country from New York to Las Vegas, Boston to Chicago, Texas, Aruba, the Bahamas and even Maui and the Hawaiian Islands, working under every possible condition imaginable.

Sean pulls from his vast experience when it comes down to planning each performance. From the temperature and quality of the ice to the wind speed and air temperature, nothing goes unchecked. When it comes down to show time, your guests are sure to be entertained by his mastery of the art form along with his playful demeanor. To check for availability please click the email link or call us direct at 781-249-1494.

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