Sand Sculpting

2018 World of Concrete Las Vegas, NV

Fitzysnowman Studios and client Amerimix Recognized at the 21st annual Exhibitor Magazine Sizzle Awards

In January 2018, Fitzysnowman Studios was contracted to create a 5 ton sand sculpture for Client Amerimix at the 2018 World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention center.

The sand sculpture featured two characters. One who apparently used Amerimix pre blended mortar and another who was still mixing his mortar by hand. The Activation caught the attention of Exhibitor Magazine and earned the client more than double the previous years impressions

The clients press results were equally inspiring. The 2018 efforts resulted in 1.5 million impressions, twice its goal and a whopping five coveted press mentions. To read the entire article Click here

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