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3D street art to go

3D Street Art To Go

June,2017 - Street Art, Modular

My industry exclusive hand painted modular panels make it easier than ever to have real 3D street art at your next event or marketing promotion. The panels are easy to ship, setup and breakdown. They can be setup indoors or out...

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Sand Sculpture Marketing

Sand Sculpting

August,2017 - Sand Sculpting, Marketing

Your driving down route 28 on a hot August Afternoon in West Dennis and suddenly from the back seat, your child shouts with excitement."look at that, Daddy! Can we stop and look?" As you pull into this familiar retail establishment, know to all as Cuffy's of Cape Cod, you get your first glimpse of the cause of your child's excitement. It's the annual 20 ton sand sculpture created by Fitzysnowman Studios. As you exit your vehicle...

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Sand Sculpture Marketing

What is Sidewalk Art

August,2017 - Sidewalk art, Marketing

The origins of modern sidewalk art can be traced back to to the 16th century in Italy. The artists know as Madonnari were itinerant artists who were brought into the cities to work on the large cathedrals. Once there work was completed they turned to the streets to recreate images of the Madonna or other paintings from the cathedrals.

By the 1800's Great Brittan had become a hot spot for sidewalk artists with more than 500 artists making a full time living in London alone. These artist were known as "screevers"...

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