Professional Team Building

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Professional Team Building by Fitzy Snowman

At Fitzy Snowman, we offer the most fun and innovative team building programs on the planet, period!

You won't find any typical activities like beach olympics or scavenger hunts. Instead we offer fun, exciting activities that people actually want to learn about! You can choose from our many activities that include sand sculpture, snow and ice sculpting, pumpkin carving or our newest activity 3D chalk art.

Whichever activity you choose from, you can be assured a custom designed program lead by the highly talented artists and educators at Fitzy Snowman. Unlike most team building providers, all of our programs are custom tailored to your individual needs. We don't have fancy cookie cutter programs that look good only on paper. We provide fun, highly customizable programs with limitless options that effectively make your workforce stronger!



Why you deserve a Fitzy Snowman Team Building Program

Our team building activities have a greater impact on participants not only because they are fun and different. They work because we are able to bring people together in a physical, social and creative way like no one else. Imagine if you will, five individuals all with varying skills. In the office these individuals may see little personal interaction even when working on the same projects. Due to the highly interactive nature and team dynamic put into our activities, we are able to place these same individuals in a situation that promotes social interaction, communication creativity and problem solving. From that launching point we can take the activity in virtually any direction from highly competitive to just plain fun. Either way the results are the same, higher moral, better team work and a stronger office. Our programs can range from just a few hours to multi day activities. Because of the high demand for our services we are also available to travel anywhere in the world to work with your group!


"Professional Team building - Snow - Ice - Sand - Pumpkins - 3D Chalk - So much more! "

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully licensed and insured full service entertainment company dedicated to providing you with the best sculptures and 3D art and team building that money can buy. When you work with us you will see first hand our dedication to perfection, customer service and guest interaction. We don't just provide the art, we provide entertaining art! In addition to being the most talented sculptors in the industry we are also experienced event planners and logistic specialists. This means we can provide and manage every aspect of the project, from sourcing sand to post event clean up. Don't waste your time dealing with some prima donna artist, call Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. We put the word professional back in sculpting!