Professional Snow & Ice Sculpting

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Professional Snow & Ice Sculpting Services

At Fitzy Snowman Sculpting, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best in live entertainment . Our lead sculptor, world renown artist, Sean Fitzpatrick is constantly learning and applying new techniques to the craft of professional snow and ice sculpting. Each piece of ice is meticulously hand carved and installed with the utmost care. Each block of snow is thoughtfully planned in advance to insure the best possible results with the finished piece. A majority of our work is centered around the live performance giving your guests and clients the ability to participate and experience the process of carving first hand. The number one comment we here from people who have seen just the finished piece is , " I wish I could have seen how it was made!" Because of the unique performance based nature of our business and the high demand for our services we are available to perform anywhere in the country or around the world. We also have a highly trusted network of sculptors and artists around the world that we can call on for larger projects.

Ice sculptures live performances and Team building

Our ice sculpting studio is located In the heart of historic Gloucester harbor at one of the oldest continuously operating ice houses in America, Cape Pond Ice. Here we manufacture some of the purest crystal clear carving blocks seen anywhere in the world. If you or your group are interested in experiencing ice carving first hand, we offer team building activities onsite at our facility in Gloucester for groups up to 50 people. We can also hold an ice sculpting activity for your group at the location of your choice for groups up to 200 people. This program can be run indoors or out anywhere in the world.

All of our ice sculptures are carved by hand. We stray away from the traditional swans and hearts found at other more ordinary shops. We focus instead on making your ideas come to life with one of a kind fun creations with character and creativity at the center. We can also create single color engraved logos or full color exact representations of your brand in a single or multi block sculpture.

Ice sculpting performances can be booked year round in virtually any climate. We offer start to finish exhibitions with all the sounds and spectacle of working chain saws and flame throwers. For a more subtle demonstration we offer a softer version with only traditional hand chisels used during the performance. Our expertise in the event industry means we can offer any size exhibition indoors or out with full logistic support. What you may have previously though impossible is now possible when you call Fitzy Snowman Sculpting.

Snow Sculptures live performance

Snow as a medium is our specialty. Our very first sculpture was made of snow and the basis of our namesake Fitzy Snowman. Snow can vary greatly in different areas of the country and we have experimented with every possible variety from east to west coast. We have a great deal of experience with man made snow and crushed ice that looks like snow. All of these sculptures must be created in areas with cold temperatures. This means that if you want to have your snow sculpture created indoors, be prepared to lower that thermostat to a chilly 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The best snow to carve with is believe it or not, fresh powder with very low humidity. When compacted into special forms the result is a fine, firm block that produces incredible detail. The secret lies in the crystal formations in the flakes them selves. As snow melts and refreezes those crystals fuse to form a slushy mix that when compacted forms a more solid icy mass. While high detail can still be achieved by our experienced professional snow sculptors, the process takes on a few extra steps and required the use of more powerful equipment such ad chain saws and die grinders, much as in the process of ice sculpting. As with all our other mediums we can create any size snow sculpture, organize contests, and team building activities. We also offer solutions if there is no snow available in your area. A winter wonderland is only a phone call away!

Shopping Center Snow Sculpture

The professional snow sculpting experts at Fitzy Snowman Sculpting can create breath taking carved snow and ice displays at any outdoor location as well as indoor controlled environments. These displays can be created in any scale from simple to over the top. There is no better cure for the winter blues than one of our unique creations. For more information on how a snow and ice sculpting display can benefit your location, contact us directly at or call us at 781-249-1494.

"Professional Snow and Ice Sculpting - Live Performances -Team Building - Much More!"

Originally created to offer snow sculptures for marketing and ski resorts, Fitzy Snowman Sculpting has grown to become the most respected full service art entertainment service in the world. We offer custom sand sculptures, amazing pumpkin carvings and sculptures, 3D chalk art and of course, the most incredible snow and ice sculptures in the industry. We also specialize in team building and event consulting services.