Professional Sand Sculpting

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Professional Sand Sculpting Services

At Fitzy Snowman Sculpting, we have been providing our clients with the best that professional sand sculpting has to offer for over 13 years. Sand sculptor Sean Fitzpatrick constantly pushing the art form to new and exciting limits. Our years of experience not only as artists but as organizers and event planners, provide you with peace of mind. We understand that in some cases our services may only be a small part of your larger event. We take our part very seriously by providing detailed material lists and personally oversee all facets of a sand sculpting project from start to finish. We can even arrange for removal of the sand after the event .

live performances and Team building

Sand sculpting as a live Performance is something that pro sculptor and owner Sean Fitzpatrick has nurtured and embraced with a passion since founding Fitzy snowman Sculpting over 12 years ago. The art of performance sculpting is not suited just for any sculptor. It takes the right personality mixed with a certain degree of professionalism to entertain and educate while creating an amazing sculpture. That's why you won't find just any artists working with Fitzy Snowman. Each artist goes through a rigorous screening process and background check with only a handful making the cut. When we promise you a professional sand sculptor you can be confident you will be working with the best artists the industry has to offer.


Size versus detail

All sand sculptures are not created equally. When determining what type of sand sculpture would be perfect for your event, you must consider the three main factors in sand which are size, the level of detail and of course time. When we create a piece the first thing we consider is the amount of time we have to create it. The amount of time available to carve will effect both the size and detail of the finished sculpture. It is quite possible for a smaller highly detailed sculpture to take more time to create than a much larger lower detailed piece. To make this decision easier on our clients we have created some examples of different size and detailed sculptures on our gallery page. There are many choices that range from a Quick Carve, a small table top sculpture that is created live in front of your guests in 10 to 30 minutes, larger table top logos or sculptures, medium floor based sculptures, full scale large sculptures 6 feet high or more to over the top 100 to 1000 ton sand sculpture displays.

Making the most of your Sand Sculptures

There are times when building a sand sculpture is not enough. We don't rely on the build it and they will come theory. We have seen many reputable sculpture companies get burnt by this mistake too many times. Instead we rely on our close relationship with local and national media outlets as well as seasoned public relations experts. Combined with our social media savvy, your sand sculpture, your company and your event will get the attention it deserves. To set up a free consultation today email us at or call us at 781-249-1494.

"Professional Sand Sculpting - Live Performances -Team Building - Much More!"

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully licence and insured full service entertainment company dedicated to providing you with the best professionals that money can buy. When you work with us you will see first hand our dedication to perfection, customer service and guest interaction. We don't just provide the art, we provide entertaining art! In addition to being the most talented sculptors in the industry we are also experienced event planners and logistic specialists. This means we can provide and manage every aspect of the project, from sourcing sand to post event clean up. Don't waste your time dealing with some prima donna artist, call Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. We put the word professional back in sand sculpting!