Professional Pumpkin Carving

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Professional Pumpkin Carving Services

At Fitzy Snowman Sculpting, we have been providing our clients with the best that professional pumpkin carving has to offer for over 13 years. Professional sculptor Sean Fitzpatrick is constantly pushing the art of pumpkin sculpting and professional pumpkin carving events to new and exciting limits. Our years of experience not only as artists but as organizers and event planners, provide you with peace of mind. We understand that in some cases our services may only be a small part of your larger event. We take our job very seriously and providing you a detailed material lists and personally oversee all facets of a pumpkin carving performance or project from start to finish. We can even arrange for removal of the sculpture after the event .

Today show pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving live performances and Team building

Professional pumpkin carving as a live Performance is something that pro sculptor and owner Sean Fitzpatrick has nurtured and embraced with a passion since founding Fitzy snowman Sculpting over 12 years ago. The art of performance sculpting is not suited just for any pumpkin carver. It takes the right personality mixed with a certain degree of professionalism to entertain and educate while creating an amazing pumpkin display. That's why you won't find just any artists working with Fitzy Snowman. Each artist goes through a rigorous screening process and background check with only a hand full making the cut. When we promise you a professional pumpkin carver, you can be confident you will be working with the best professionals the industry has to offer. We can handle team building groups of 10 people up to several hundred. Due to high demand for live performance pumpkin carving we suggest you book us several months in advance.


Giant pumpkins

Pumpkin sculptures ...size matters

All pumpkins are not created equally. When determining what type of pumpkins would be perfect for your event, You will be faced with many different varieties. The most common variety is the field pumpkin. These are what most people think of when they think of traditional pumpkin carving. They range from 6lbs to over 30 lbs and come in a wide range of shapes. Each pumpkin artist will typically carve between 7 and 10 detailed pumpkins over an 8 hour period using these. They are great for logos, portraits, jack-o-lanterns, centerpieces and some 3d pumpkin sculpting. The next size is the Atlantic or Prize winner variety. These pumpkins range in weight from 60 to well over 100 lbs. They have a smooth bright orange skin that produced excellent logos and amazing 3d pumpkin sculptures. Each pumpkin artist will typically carve 3 to 4 of these larger pumpkins over an 8 hour period Finally we have the giant pumpkin. These gourds can weigh anywhere from several hundred lbs up to the current record of over 2000 lbs. These pumpkins generally have a lighter coloring and often have rough skin that exhibits what is known as cantaloupe skin, due to the resemblance to the fruit. They also have a tendency to be less symmetrical and odd shaped due to the effects of gravity while growing. These pumpkins are perfect for large 3d pumpkin sculptures. The sculptures can be very elaborate and often take one or two days to complete.

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Permanent Fitzyfoam© Pumpkins

There are times when you may only need one or two pumpkins. Other times natural pumpkins may be unavailable. This is why we offer our exclusive line of permanent Fitzyfoam© pumpkins. They come in three sizes, small 6 inch, medium 9 inch and large 12 inch. They are perfect for wedding keepsakes, centerpieces portraits and corporate logos. Each pumpkin comes with its own led light. Because they are not perishable and available year round, the shipping fees are generally much lower than the overnight fees associated with real pumpkins. The best thing is, they look just like the real thing!

Fitzy Snowman the media experts

A huge benefit of using Fitzy Snowman for your next pumpkin carving event is that we are also media experts. We have successfully represented our clients on hundreds of live and pre taped television broadcasts, radio programs and print media. We are also in constant contact with major program producers and can open doors other artists can't. Having an artist that is comfortable and capable to deliver your talking points can be invaluable when promoting an event or attracting sponsors for future events. Wen booking a performance please let us know your media requirements.

"Professional Pumpkin Carving- Live Performances -Team Building - Much More!"