Professional Event Consulting & Project Management

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Professional Event Consulting Services

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is one of the most reputable event organizers in the ephemeral art world. Let us tap into our years of experience in the event management field to help you improve your event. We provide consulting at every possible level, from amateur contests all the way up to the World Championship level. We know exactly what it takes to run a successful event. From funding, to sponsorship to all those logistical hurdles in between, we understand all the moving parts. We specialize in sand sculpting events, snow and ice sculpting events, pumpkin carving events and festivals and 3D chalk art festivals and competitions.

Our consulting service can be engaged through a one time fee or on a contract bases. We are available to travel directly to your location for personal on site consulting.




Professional Project Management Services

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting has been personally involved with creating and managing some of the most successful and innovative events in the world. Owner Sean Fitzpatrick personally created the first ever professional sand sculpting competition in the state of Massachusetts, the New England sand Sculpting Invitational, an event responsible for generating a multi million dollar redevelopment initiative and countless millions more in economic stimulus. He also organized the very first indoor New Years Eve sand sculpting competition in the United States. With each event Sean takes on, he takes it on with a sense of commitment and a sense of excellence. Taking pride in managing large scale seamless events is just one of the things he does best. Are you're sick and tired of tracking down your event management team? Are you're sick of excuses and are looking for results? would you like to work with a team that truly understands your needs and demands and delivers what they promise? Look no further than Fitzy Snowman!


"Event Consulting - Project Management - Snow - Ice - Sand - Pumpkins - 3D Chalk - So much more! "

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully licensed and insured full service entertainment company dedicated to providing you with the best sculptures and 3D art and team building that money can buy. We provide professional event consulting and project management services for all major sand , snow, ice, pumpkin and 3d chalk events. When you work with us you will see first hand our dedication to perfection, customer service and guest interaction. We don't just provide the art, we provide entertaining art! In addition to being the most talented sculptors in the industry we are also experienced event planners and logistic specialists. This means we can provide and manage every aspect of the project, from sourcing sand to post event clean up. Don't waste your time dealing with some prima donna artist, call Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. We put the word professional back in sculpting!