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Fitzy Snowman Sculpting now offers amazing 3d anamorphic chalk art performances and installations for marketing and advertising as well events and private events. 3D chalk art projects take from one to 4 days to complete and can range in size from 16 square feet to several thousand square feet. 3D Chalk art can be created on both horizontal and vertical surfaces outdoors or indoors directly on our custom modular panels. We also offer our famous 3D chalk to go. You can elect from hand painted pieces or large format printing on a variety of surfaces. Anamorphic street art can also be created as permanent art for interiors or for building exteriors. Pricing is based on a number of factors such as size, detail and the amount of time to complete. Please email or call 781-249-1494 to obtain a free quote.

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully Licensed and insured professional sculpting and 3D chalk art company operating in all 50 United States and it's territories. We are also available to travel internationally on request. Please account for time to process work visas when requesting international projects.