Professional 3D Chalk Art

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Professional 3D Chalk Art

At Fitzy Snowman Sculpting, we are constantly testing the limits of performance street art. 3D chalk art offers one of the most intense viewer experiences of all the ephemeral arts. With even the largest piece only taking 4 to 5 days, this unique art form makes the perfect addition to any festival, fair, trade show or product launch. We can create works as small at 4 feet by 4 feet to as large as 50 feet by 50 feet or more! 3D chalk street art can also be created indoors on special removable panels. These same panels can be used outside in the event you lack a suitable working surface. Our artists are not limited to horizontal surfaces either. These amazing chalk paintings can also be created on vertical surfaces as well. Lead 3D Chalk Artist Sean Fitzpatrick will work with you every step of the way from design to execution of your individual crowd pleasing chalk painting. We are also available to create permanent indoor anamorphic paintings!


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3D chalk Street art live performances and Team building

Professional 3D chalk art is every bit a performance art form as our other mediums. People are just as fascinated with the watching the creation process as they are interacting with the final piece. Lead street artist Sean Fitzpatrick directly over sees and in most cases executes every project personally. For those larger projects he only works with the best!. You are guaranteed a team of friendly professional 3d chalk artists on each and every project, ready to educate, inform, entertain and marvel your guests. We also offer team building activities for 10 people up to several hundred. Due to high demand for live performance pumpkin carving we suggest you book us several months in advance.


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3D chalk street art...size matters

When it comes to figuring out the pricing of one of our 3d chalk art performances there are several factors that come into play. With our many years of event planning and festival organization, there are very few logistical challenged that we have not seen and conquered. One of the first things we will consider is the available space versus the desired size of the finished street art. Due to the critical calculations and precise geometry used to distort the art work,this is an important factor to consider when establishing the perfect viewing angle. Next we will want to know about the surface we will be working with. Indoor and outdoor surfaces vary greatly therefore it may be necessary to use work on removable modular surfaces. The next factor we consider is how long we have to create the desired size display. Our pieces take anywhere from one to 4 days to complete. Most projects require only one or two artists. Larger projects with shorter deadlines may require the use of several artists to complete. Finally we consider the exposure to elements such as wind, rain or even snow. Our experts will give you all the necessary information to solve the logistic challenges

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Permanent 3D chalk installations

Many times we are asked to create permanent works of art. 3d chalk painting is the only medium we work with that allows us to satisfy that need for a permanent display. We use special paints, pigments, pastel and sealers to create amazing one of a kind interactive indoor spaces. From a simple floor painting to a full room installation, we can offer fun creative solutions for your work, meeting or living space.

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Media exposure and 3D chalk

You will be hard pressed to find a more popular art form on both traditional and social medial outlets than 3d chalk. Pioneers of modern day street artists like Julian Beever, Tracey Lee Stum and the incomparable Kurt Wenner have inspired countless new chalk artists including the artists at Fitzy Snowman. What separates us is our ability to successfully manage both traditional media and social networks while maintaining a strong web presence. It's not enough to create an amazing work of art, you must let it be seen.

3D Chalk Art to Go

If you've ever wished you could use a 3D chalk art piece at your event, but didn't think you could get one because your event was either indoors or your activation was only one day, then your we have your solution. Our exclusive custom modular panels can be installed in virtually any location, are wind and rain proof and can be shipped anywhere in the world by UPS or FedEx. In addition to solving these logistical installation problems, our custom panels now allow us to ship partially or fully completed permanent or semi permanent pieces directly to you. The panels set up easily in minutes and can range in size from 2 feet square to over 100 feet square. This allows us to perform larger activations in a much shorter time frame. Semi permanent pieces can be reused for multiple activations due to their sturdy design and ease of shipping. Check out the video to see an example of a small 6 foot square installation in action.

"3D Chalk art - Live Performances -Team Building- Permanent displays - Much More!"