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The True Story of Fitzy Snowman

The story of Fitzy Snowman may seem like an over night success story, but the heart of the story can be traced back to as early as 1969. It was then that founder Sean Fitzpatrick, only 3 years old at the time learned of his father's battle with terminal cancer. Shortly after learning of this news, Sean began finding comfort in drawing, and spent many hours practicing and perfecting what was later deemed a god given talent. "When I first showed off these drawings, there was initial skepticism because of my attention to detail.", said Sean. It would ultimately be his farther that stood by him and encouraged him to follow his passion.

Years later, following the death of his father, Sean took a job in the automotive industry and settled down with his high school sweet heart, Tracey, who happened to be his next door neighbor. Sean continued to hone his skills as an artist and continued his drawings whenever possible.

One day, after a huge Nor' Easter dumped tons of snow in his back yard, his eldest daughter, Shannon, then a beaming 3 year old, requested that her daddy build her a snowman. There was one condition, the snowman had to look just like Santa Claus. Sean took to the snow like a kid in a candy store, happily presenting his very first sculpture to his wide eyed, very grateful daughter. That experience, combined with everything that had brought him to that very moment, had a lasting impact on his future.

As the years past and his family continued to grow, he found himself expanding his talents to include sand sculptures during family trips to the local beach. It was at one such beach outing, that Sean first noticed the potential for his future business. Working with nothing more than a few sticks and his hands as tools, Sean glanced up after finishing his sculpture to see hundreds of spectators gathered around to see what he was making. Now it was time to get serious!

Fitzysnowman.com Launched in 2000. A Business is Born

With a very small investment and a few lines of code, Fitzysnowman.com was launched in 2000 after careful planning and research. Still holding down his full time job as an Automotive technician, Sean carefully marketed himself using the simple web site he built along with marketing techniques he learned during his time in the automotive industry. It wasn't long before clients began calling inquiring about how they could use his services in conjunction with their own marketing campaigns to attract more customers. One of his first major clients hired Fitzy Snowman to create sand sculptures live at events all over Massachusetts. The program was a huge success and made the client the highlight of each location. Word of mouth quickly spread and before long more and more clients were lining up to witness the power of this new and unique marketing tool.


The World takes notice

In 2004 Sean was contracted by the City of Revere to create a large sand castle for one of their public events on Revere Beach, America's Oldest Public Beach. The success of that event inspired Sean to pitch a whole new kind of sand sculpting event to the City of Revere. In 2005 the Very first New England Sand Sculpting Invitational took place. Sean invited other professional sand sculptors from across the country to participate in the very first professional sand sculpting contest in the state of Massachusetts. Every local media outlet showed up along with hundreds of thousands of spectators making it easily the most successful event ever in the State. In addition the Today Show featured the event live. The much needed positive exposure generated by this event has had a lasting social and economic impact for the city and the business comminity..

Fitzy Snowman Expansion Continues

2006 was a critical year in the history of the company. With all the success of the sculpting business it became evident to Sean that he could no longer split his energy between the sculpting business and his full time job as an automotive technician. In the summer of 2006 Sean left the security of his full time position to follow his passion and continue growing Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. The company has gone on to include sand sculptures, snow and ice sculptures, custom carved pumpkins and now 3D chalk art as part of the entertainment and marketing packages it now offers clients. After 13 years in business we see no signs of slowing down and will continue to offer our clients the most professional and innovative creative solutions on the planet!

"Professional Sand Sculpting - Snow & Ice Sculpting Performances - Pumpkin Carving - 3D Chalk Artist - Team Building - Much More!"

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully licensed and insured full service entertainment company dedicated to providing you with the best sculptures and 3D art that money can buy. When you work with us you will see first hand our dedication to perfection, customer service and guest interaction. We don't just provide the art, we provide entertaining art! In addition to being the most talented sculptors in the industry we are also experienced event planners and logistic specialists. This means we can provide and manage every aspect of the project, from sourcing sand to post event clean up. Don't waste your time dealing with some prima donna artist, call Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. We put the word professional back in sculpting!